Felsted Primary School



Please find below information about some of the school's statutory policies.  Other policies are available from the office.  The date is the date approved by Governors.  Policies are reviewed either annually, biannually or every three years depending on the regulations.  

Accessibility Plan

Children with health needs who cannot attend school - under review

Looked after Children - under review

EYFS - under review

Supporting pupils with medical conditions - under review

Anti-bullying - January 2019

Attendance - April 2021

Behaviour - January 2019 - under review

Behaviour addendum re Covid19

Bereavement - June 2020

Charging and Arrears - January 2019 - under review

Complaints - January 2019 - under review

Equality and Diversity in Employment - April 2021

Health, Safety and Wellbeing - June 2020 - under review

Health, Safety and Wellbeing addendum re COVID19

More Able Policy - April 2021

Public Sector Equality - February 2021

SEND Policy - November 2020

Sex and Relationships Education Policy - April 2021