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My background is in nursing, health visiting and health visitor education. My specialist areas of teaching and practice included child protection, domestic abuse and infant mental health.

My role as an educator of adults also included both academic and pastoral care, leadership of a team, curriculum development and taking courses through validation processes.

As a health visitor, I have always had an interest in helping children reach their full potential. I have worked with children from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of disabilities and illnesses. I have supported families with children through the early years, monitoring child development and empowering families to seek solutions in relation to caring for their children.

I studied at the Tavistock Centre where my focus was around child protection, infant mental health and neurobiological development. This provided me with an in-depth knowledge of areas that I had previously studied during my first degree and masters degree.

I am now retired, and am eager to utilise my knowledge and skills in a different way to benefit children and families and was delighted to join the board of governors.

I am currently Co-chair and am eager to work with the governing team with their range of expertise to support and monitor the strategic delivery of education within the school.

I believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential in a safe and conducive learning environment, where they feel able to express their individuality. Early years and primary education provide the foundation for adult life, and I am eager that children are provided with a range of learning opportunities and experiences that help them to be confident, caring and socially aware future adults.

As Co-chair, I work closely with the Senior Leadership team of the school to support them and their staff, as I believe that pupils and their families can only be supported by staff who feel equally supported. Governors need to be critical friends whereby they are prepared to challenge in a positive and constructive manner issues that impact on the education and welfare of children within the school. I look forward to continue to serve the school and encourage a positive, caring attitude where every pupil strives to do their best and is supported to do so.

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As well as being the Local Authority Governor I am also one of the Safeguarding team. 

I worship at Holy Cross Church Felsted where I am part of the youth work team.  As well as being a  Governor, I also lead Christian assemblies at school.

My husband Gordon and I live on our smallholding with Alan the dog, 2 ponies, chickens and 9 rare breed goats. We milk the goats, make soap from it which we sell at local farmers markets and online. We live the (almost) self-sufficient lifestyle with so much milk/cheese/eggs and veg!

My background is in the global pharmaceutical industry in which I have worked for the past 45 years since graduating as a Biochemist from London University. I have subsequently furthered my education with a master’s degree in strategic marketing; an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration, and I am also a registered European Qualified Person which authorizes me to release medicinal products to the market for patient use.

I have worked throughout the pharmaceutical product life cycle, having started working in R&D developing several medicines, before moving into drug registration, followed by quality assurance and site management, prior to overseeing a site transfer and closure project from the UK to France and Germany. 

I then entered the second phase of my career in the fast-moving pharmaceutical generics industry working for and with some of the major global players based in India, Bangladesh, and the USA, helping them set up their European operations which entailed plenty of overseas travel.

Ten years ago, I started the third phase of my career setting up a pharmaceutical consultancy, which I sold three years ago to a large global pharmaceutical consultancy, and I remain as the managing director of their UK and Indian operations.

I am eager to utilize my knowledge and skills in a different way to benefit children and families and was delighted to be invited to join the board of governors with a remit to support them with their strategy development and financial oversight within the school.

As the healthcare industry rises to the next great challenges such as preparing for the next global pandemic and developing personalized medicines, we need to ensure that we encourage today's pupils to study the neglected area of science so that they can potentially look forward to being the scientific leaders, practitioners and researchers of the future. We need to develop and grow the scientific minds ready for this challenge, and this starts by having a strong strategy for the teaching of science that not only delivers on the curriculum but exceeds expectations and strives for excellence. I have a strong work ethic and want to see pupils develop skills of analysis, research and inquiry and be the best they can by demonstrating hard work and an enthusiasm for learning. Education brings with it opportunity and I am highly ambitious for the pupils in our school, and will actively work with the school to develop a strategy focussed around ambition and achieving excellence.

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After studying Geographical Science at university, I spent some time travelling before embarking on a career in the Water Industry. Over the past 19 years, I have held several senior leadership roles in the field of water demand management, strategic planning, policy development and programme management. I am particularly passionate about the environment and sustainability, delivering collaborative and sector-wide programmes to drive environmental improvements. In my leadership role, I am particularly keen to support mental health and wellbeing. 

As a Co-Opted Governor, I want to give my time, energy and commitment to contribute to the school, its staff, its pupils and the community. I live locally and have children at the school so am passionate about using my skills and experience to support the school's strategic direction, financial management and the health and wellbeing of staff and pupils. Having developed Felsted Primary School's first Environment and Sustainability Strategy, I am also keen to drive environmental improvements across the school's estate and through the curriculum.

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With 16 years background in Education and experience in leadership positions in both pastoral and academic areas of school life, I felt it placed me in a good position to be on the governing board at Felsted Primary School; a position that I am proud to hold. I am currently an Assistant Principal at an all-through school and the transferable skills I hold in this role help me contribute to the governing board, such as strategic planning, analysing data and an understanding of promoting pupil progress.

As a parent of the school, I was thrilled when my son got a place at Felsted Primary. The school had an excellent reputation for being a community and challenging students to be their best. As a governor, I want to contribute to this wonderful community by utilising my expertise in the education sector to support the strategic delivery of quality education and opportunities for all.  I believe that every child should have the potential to achieve their best and develop into well-rounded individuals from being in a caring and aspirational school environment.

In my role as a school governor, I am passionate about advocating for the needs of all pupils, parents and staff alike and I aim to make a meaningful and lasting impact on the school community.

Governing Body Minutes are available from the office on request.

  • KCSiE – Keeping children Safe in education
  • SLT – Senior Leadership Team
  • CPD – Continued Professional Development
  • SEND – Special educational Needs and Disabilities
  • SENCo  Special Educational Needs Coordinator

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