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Science Week 2024

To celebrate Science Week this year, our children took part in a range of different scientific investigations.

Elm Tree class were lucky enough to have Hands on Science teach the class more about digestion. The children made their own digestive systems using Weetabix, beans, milk, saliva and acids. It was an amazing but gross project.

Birch Tree & Maple Tree classes took part in an ‘Elastic Racers’ workshop. This started off with a discussion all about energy. We found out where our energy comes from and how we can transfer it to other objects. We also talked about the difference between stored and active energy The children then worked in teams to build their own elastic racers. There were lots of parts to be put together, but the children persevered and kept going. The children then tested their elastic racers to see how far they would travel. We thought about what we could change to make our racer travel further. It was brilliant to see how much the children enjoyed the workshop. Excellent team-building!

In Oak Tree class, they focused on the skeleton. The children learnt about the different bones in our bodies, such as the skull, femur, humerus, tibia and fibula. They discussed where we would find these bones in our bodies. The class discovered that to tell the difference between a man and woman’s skeleton is by the pelvis! Amazing workshop Oak Tree!

Laurel Tree class were also lucky enough to work with Paula from the Hands on Science, who taught the children how to make their own candles. Scientific terminology and method were learned, alongside how to build a water atom. The children all made their own candle that they were able to bring home at the end of the day.

Cherry Tree & Apple Tree classes made rockets. The children learnt about propulsion by building their own rockets. We then had a go at launching them and seeing how far they would travel.  

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