Music is an expressive art, a life enhancing experience.  It is fundamental to all cultures and societies, and is of great value in the social and personal development of the individual. 

At Felsted Primary School, we follow a scheme called Charanga which is part of Essex Music Services. The Charanga Scheme provides units for each half term for each year group in the school. Charanga was introduced to Felsted Primary School in September 2020.  

Each unit of work comprises the strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music. These strands include Listen and Appraising, Warm-up Games, Singing, Playing Instruments, Improvisation, Composition and Performing.  

The children are provided with many opportunities to take part in musical activities throughout the year. This includes joining our KS2 choir club, taking part in the KS2 Carol Concert and performing at the Summer Music Concert.  

Please see below for Styles and Cross-Curricular Links:

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