Felsted Primary School


Felsted Primary School, as part of the Dunmow Consortium of primary schools is a member of Cambridge University’s ‘Super group’.  The 'School-University Partnership for Educational Research' (SUPER) aims to create useful educational research within a schools-university partnership and document and explore the partnership.

A teacher in each of the schools in the partnership is appointed as the ‘teacher researcher’.  Our group of schools work together to research a common theme and purpose which then feeds into the Super group’s research aims.  The group is currently investigating how to close the documented gap in achievement and progress between vulnerable and other groups of pupils.

We consider this a valuable area of research.  There are various documents available which highlight how schools spend pupil premium funds such as the extensive DfE document, ‘Evaluation of Pupil Premium Research Report’:


The Sutton Trust’s research gauges the impact and cost of a variety of interventions: 


Felsted Primary School currently uses high impact interventions which are proven to help our children succeed such as extra small group work with teachers and mentoring; these are documented in the parental section of our website.

The Dunmow Consortium is researching the use of a low cost intervention and gauging its impact.  This is the use of ‘learning partners’ throughout our schools.

Briefly, the children in each class are randomly paired up each week and the partners then discuss topics within their lessons and work together when orally questioned.  The Year 6 children at Felsted Primary have worked with other classes to model how to be a good ‘Learning Partner.’   The research findings will be compared across the group of schools in the Consortium and fed back to Cambridge University.

More details about the Cambridge University ‘Super Group’ are available here:




Report on 2017-2018 Research