Request for Information


Requesting information from the school

There are two types of information request.  Before you consider a request, please check the school website, as there is a great deal of information about the school on the website, which may answer your question, or speak to a member of staff.  Any subsequent requests should be made in writing to the school office, stipulating the type of request you are making (one of the following two types of request).

1.  A request about personal data held by the school (either staff or pupils)

Any request for this information is termed a ‘Subject Access Request’ and is dealt with under GDPR regulations.  We will respond within 1 month in writing, although please be aware that during school holidays, it would be reasonable for the school to request an extension to this time.

You could ask for your own child’s test scores, for example, but not information about other children or staff, such as a member of staff’s qualifications.  

You will not normally be charged for such information, unless the school feels that the time taken and the resources required justify a charge.

 2.  A request about other information held by the school.

Such a request will be dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act.  Any FOI request will be dealt with in 20 working days and you will be given a response in writing.

You could request how many children have been excluded for example, but not the reasons or their names.  Some FOI requests may be affected by GDPR.

You may be charged for the administration required to fulfil such a request.


The school will consider all requests for information in the light of GDPR and Freedom of Information Regulations. Please note that the school may turn down such a request, either because the school does not hold the requested information, or it contravenes certain privacy requirements.

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